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Fetching current location address using GeoLocation and Google Map

HTML Geolocation API is used to fetch geographical position of a user. It can be possible only the user approves it. Geolocation is more accurate for the GPS Enabled mobile devices and others less accuracy. In this post how to retrieve the address using Geolocation and Google Map API.

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JavaScript equivalent of PHP's functions

In this tutorial, we will be making JavaScript equivalent of PHP's functions such as urldecode, in_array, implode, explode.

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Pure Javascript Countdown Timer

Hey guys! Countdown timers used for New website launching, Offering Deal or Shopping deadlines in Ecommerce website, Movie release, Shows, online exams and more. Countdown timers can be useful for all online activities. I've share the simple countdown timers script using pure JavaScript.

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Jquery Capture cmd + enter / control + enter Event

In Social network, the alternative way to submitting the status/message by pressing control+enter.  Sample script for submitting message by using Jquery.

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Javascript Dynamically Change Web Pages Title

The content between tags display at the top of the browser window. The syntax for dynamically change web pages title by using javascript.

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Javascript convert numbers to words

Javascript function for converting numbers to words.

If your input is 123456 it will convert "One Lakh Twenty Three Thousand Four Hundred and Fifty Six".

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